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Max m2 A10 beta 2 camera issue

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low quality of photos in a standard camera, in video recording lags every few seconds (5-10).


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Hi Khalil
Thank you for your asking. I just tested my device with the same firmware version, yet I didn't encountered the same situation. Kindly provide the information below so that we can better assist you.
1. Does the issue appear on the stock camera only or on other camera apps (e,g. Instagram) as well?
Please try clearing cache & storage of Camera (long press "Camera">App Info>Storage & memory>Clear cache/Clear storage), then try to re-install 3rd party camera apps and check again.
2. Does the issue appear right after any system/apps' download or update?
3. Also, please try "the Factory Reset" 
Settings>System>Reset options>Erase all data(factory reset)
Please note that once the Factory Reset is completed, all data, apps, settings and personal information will be deleted.

If the issue persists after performing the Factory Reset, kindly provide me the video of the issue. Thanks.