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ASUS Zenfone Max Plus M1 - Bootloader unlock tool APK is not working ( Please Help )

Star I

Hi I have an ASUS Zenfone Max Plus M1 (ZB570TL) or (X018D) running Android 8.1  updated from 7.0 in the system updates.. but after it updated it’s stuck on boot loop, and trying to flash the 7.0 firmware or 8.1 firmware, it flashes using SP_Flashtool and I get green check mark saying it finished with no problems but didn’t bring it back to the ZenUI system because the bootloader is locked so it’s not flashing because of signatures missing or not matching even if it’s downloaded from ASUS website, the unlock bootloader apk doesn’t work either as ASUS needs to unlock the bootloader from their end, then the APK tool will or might work, but the adb-fastboot will work and I can flash the recovery and boot.img to get my device backup and running, but until then it says I must unlock it first... 

can I DM someone for with my serial number at ASUS so you can put it in the system and I can unlock this and flash the proper futrmware boot.img and recovery.img to bring it back to useful I’ll just stay on Android7 

email me ASUS please....thankz 


Why do you have such a bad support policy? Why cannot you maintain support as long as there are customers needing it? It cannot use up much resources to continue automatic responces to Unlock Device App requests.

After such an experience I will never consider buying another ASUS phone.

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Community Manager
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