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Asus Max Pro m2 Battery Issue

Hello asus. My name is Titan, and i am from indonesia. I've bought my max pro m2 on yesterday monday. And i feel the battery is so drain fast (for 5000mah battery). Its feel like i used a phone with 3000-3500mah battery. And I already try to calibrate the battery in many websites and articles. But its just a same. After that i update the latest firmware and hope the battery issue is vanish, but its not:( and after that i go to service center to decide maybe the battery has been error or something so i can change the battery free. But it tooks about 7 days to just change the battery and that was suck. And the customer service said this phone should reflashed and if the issue come again i can come to CS again to change my battery, but after i search on google there are a lots of battery issue with this phone, and i was thinking is not about the battery, maybe its about the software or something else, dear asus pls fix this ASAP. You don't want loses your reputation in front of your customers do you? Here is the screenshot of battery usage after i fully charged this phone and watch videos about 25 minutes on youtube, SO SAD😭.