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Zenfone max pro m1 back bulge and strange smell

Star I
Hey guys I recently noticed that the back of my phone now has a slight bulge and also a strange smell like superglue
I think the battery is compromised
I need help

Zen Master I
Bro, the only thing you can do now is visit a service center authorised by Asus if you are in warranty period or any good local mobile repair shops. Don't take a chance as your battery is seen bulged.

Star I
Same problem with my Asus max pro M1, two years after purchase. Screen slightly bulged on right side, I can see light coming out from right side. Battery life crashed suddenly, showing 100% charged within 15 minutes and discharging fully within half an hour of use. Anybody can tell the price of original replacement battery? Seen lot of negative reviews of batteries priced at 1200 available online, lasting only 4 months before bulging again

Star II
Change your battery

Star II
Better buying an another brand .. instead of spending money...