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ZenFon Max Pro M1 speaker and headphone check voice cracking

Star I
I am using Zenfone Max Pro m1 3/32GB.From past 1 month the headphone hack stopped working and voice is coming only from one earbud. Now 2nd one sending sm disturbance voice. ssssssssss
After 5 days My phone main speaker also not working, Its sound is cracking even at very low voice, I did factory rest but both issue remain same.
After that i changed the main speaker with a new one original but that not fix the issue, when the sound is play the speaker get heated too much. so my phone is now always on Vibration mode.

After replacement of speaker i also changed the USB PC board with a new one as the PC board sending audio to headphone hack and Main speaker, it also not fixing the problem.
Please suggest if there is anymore fix because i always spent too much money to buy the speaker and USB PC board to replacement them and issue remain same.

If anyone faced same problem please share some fix.

Can not go to service center as its not in my City. phone out of warranty, they will charge 5USD only to see phone .



Zen Master III
Hi there, let us know where do you stay so that we can help you better, as you mentioned USD.

Star I
I am in India. the Charge i mentioned in USD just to give idea as global community.
I also flash the ROM to default Asus again to see if software issue as i was using the latest Android 10 before. still issue remain same.
Any idea which part issue ?