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widevine l3 on asus max pro m1 A10 beta 4

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Please anyone help i cannot view hd videos on my phone.
I tried flashing oreo(340), pie(360) and 10 beta 2 stock roms but the issue is not resolved.


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Hi dibyarupprk2011
Downgrade from V432 to Android 9 is a way for me to check your symptom. As I mentioned above, if the Widevine Security remains in L3 in Android 9, please contact the Repair Center. If the Widevine Security changes to L1 in Android 9, then I may need your logs for further checking. Furthermore, kindly note that both of my devices still remain in L1 no matter which firmware they switch to. I not sure what your usage behavior was, so try to downgrade to Android 9 for further checking. Do back up your data first.

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