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When is asus providing the android 10 Stable Version Update for ASUS ZENFONE MAX PRO M2?????

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I am using MAX PRO M2 device, currently running on 'Android 10 beta 2'.... it is nearly gone 9 months i'm using this Beta 2 version.... i had some major issues with this updates...
Android 10 Beta 2 - is very handy and performer, bt these bugs are to be resolved.......
1 . WIFI connectivity - the devices connection losts several times for no reason, even though i have speedy internet connection wifi...
2 . The Mobile Network- the network reception of device is very poor with numerous company sim card i tried...
3 . The Speaker Output is very low (if the device is in pocket i cannot hear the phone ringing, this is annoying)
4 . The battery backup is all good, but it must be more better....
for all these bugs to be resolved, im waiting for the 'STABLE VERSION of ANDROID 10' For 'MAX PRO M2' device....
( currently running on Android 10 Beta 2) Thnk U.

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Would marvel consider your request and bring back Ironman? Absoulte answer is no... Why you are still waiting for stable android 10? Device support already ended, asus don't even provided latest security patch for Pie... As you can see there is no new questions and answers here also, not even on Instagram and twitter. I would suggest to move on. Just get new phone or else downgrade to latest Pie version and enjoy stability.

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