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Reverse charging pop-up

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I have reverse charging issues, on my ZenFone max pro M2, it keeps appearing although the charges is at 100% . I have tried to wipe cash partition, boot normally, switch off and on. The pop up disappears only when the charge is plugged in, its like using a desktop at the end with this mobile.

Anyone has a solution ?

Thanks in advance for your response.



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Hi imosa
Thank you for your reply. Have you tried the suggestion above? Please provide me the essential info I mentioned above so that I could better assist you.

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Hi. I'm also getting the same error. i tried charging the phone and the pop up never shows up. it will then show when i unplug the phone from charging.
now on safe mode. i'm still getting the pop up. will try clearing cache/delete some apps.

....i still have the same issue. could it be a cause of the last update???

hey i just finished with chat support from Asus and they suggested me to do some stuffed. first, i brush the charging port. then... so far i'm not getting the pop up for reverse charging. will do the next steps if this doesnt work.

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Hi uthunitednations
Thank you for your asking.
Have you already tried the suggestion me and other users posted? If you did, kindly provide me the information below so that I could better assist you.
1. Your Model Name: Settings>System>About phone
Refer to the link below to check the model name by model no. in the link 
2. Your current firmware version
Settings>System>About Phone>Software information
If you try to update to the latest version, does the issue still remain?
3. Safe Mode result
4. Factory Reset result
5. Try clean your port and change other cable

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Hello Team,

I am using ASUS ZENFONE Z010D phone.
I started getting reverse charging popup continuously.
What all I tried clead cache, clear data / factory restore and all ...
Nothing worked out.
Fed up with this stupid pop up.
Lots of issues are there with this ASUS phones and laptops.
Do you have any possible solution for this.
To charge the phone I need to switch of the device and charge.
Normal charging will never gets detected.
Because of this reverse charging pop up .

Please mail your solution to