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Fingerprint do not work

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I have set 4 fingerprints on my new max pro but they are unrecognised. They have worked one day. I have tried to cancel them bit I scarcely manage to set new ones. I have also tried to switch off the mobile. What should I do?

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Hi rossi.antonietta68 What's your phone’s firmware version (Settings > About phone> Build number) Go to Calculator=>type " .12345+= "You will be entered to SMMI_TEST Please check it in safe mode. ( Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

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The problem with the fingerprint scanner is present in many users. It does not depend on the firmware. I had this problem both on android 8.1 (340) and it persisted on android 9 (055). It seems that the scanner goes into sleep, and ceases to respond to the print. After 5-10 seconds, it starts working again. Because of this, and the problem with entering new prints, the scanner falls asleep, and does not respond to touch several times in a row.

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This problem started with 340 firmware. At 327, everything worked well.

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On our forum they write that the problem is because of this: "We have two types of fingerprint scanners, goodix and cdfinger. You seem cdfinger. If yes, what is the problem Asus and their curves library. During the long sleep is accumulated in the queue scanner bunch SIGIO, scanner libraries are beginning a very long time to wake up the scanner to operate prematurely. This can be in the logs to see if, after switching off the screen in the logs of a long run cdfinger posts, cdfingerTA - this is it. Normally, the log should calm down immediately, but sometimes it happens."