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Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2 bluetooth devices and calls volume have too low of maximum volume

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My phone is Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2(ZB631KL). Currently running the android version 9. Just updated android firmware last week. I'm at south east asia region.(just in case because I think the updates are base on regions like Japan and EU)
the volume for calls and volume for bluetooth device are too low when connected to the phone. No updates have fixed this. they fixed the problem with the speaker being low in general but didnt fix the calls volume and bluetooth device volume. I can actually feel the drop in volume when comparing it with a normal earpiece or wired headset. The volume drop is like when the volume is around 40% even though its already at maximum. I hope they fix this. I dont know where to complain anymore.

Zen Master I
Hi Blackzynga,
Could you tell us your current firmware version? Settings > System > About phone > Build number
Do you mean that the problem appears when calling with the Phone app or other third party apps as well?
When calling, is the volume low when only in handset mode, or do you use earphones, bluetooth, speaker mode?
When the Bluetooth volume is low which app, version are you using?
Could you tell us the brand and model of your Bluetooth device?

Thank you 🙂

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My current firmware version is PKQ1.WW_Phone-16.2017.2002.073-20200219
1) The problem appears both with the Phone app and third party app like What's app, I believe the problem is with the small speaker that are located on top of the phone as whenever there's an app that uses small speaker on top it has a low volume at maximum.
The problem with the phone call is the volume being too low even at maximum volume, I had to make it into speaker mode both in the official Phone app and Whatsapp call so I can hear the conversation everytime so it's kind of hard to use it privately using the small speaker on top(the main speaker is working fine the past updates had fixed the main speaker problem where it's also had low volume problem before). Wired headset and wired earpiece is working fine there's no problem with it.
2) The problem with Bluetooth is that ALL apps(official app or third party app) whether it's games, musics and videos will have a low audio or volume whenever I use a Bluetooth devices. It doesn't matter which Bluetooth device I use whether it's my car's Bluetooth speaker, my Bluetooth earpieces/ headset, even my friend's car speaker, his bluetooth headset/earpiece/speaker have this low volume problem. I already compare it with other phones and I can really tell my phone is have this problem. The volume is fine when I use an AUX cable on my phone to my car bluetooth speaker and my bluetooth headset.
3)also I forgot to mention the problem with the camera unable to focus due to past updates. The camera can't focus and won't focus automatically. The problem appears both with official app and third party app where I had to use the camera. So.. that's all

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Hi, I'm using Zenfone Max Pro M2 as well and facing low call volume issue while using the earpiece. I can bearly hear the person at the other end while using the earpiece with volume set at maximum. The loud speaker and headset volumes are quite good though. Can you please provide a software update to increase the earpiece volume to whatever maximum possible limit so that we can adjust as needed. Call volume is one of the basic feature that is of utmost importance in a phone. Please provide an update with enhanced call volume. Thank you.
Build# : PKQ1.WW_Phone-16.2017.2004.075-20200407
Note: I had the issue in Oreo as well.

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Hi, I'm using a Zenfone Max Pro M2. The calls made via VOLTE seems to be the issue, especially via Jio to Jio.
I can experience the volume drop to Max Pro M1 and Pro M2 devices on Jio but not on Airtel.
But also when calling via Jio to Jio to a Lenovo device it's normal. So it's definitely a software issue.
WhatsApp calls are normal to me, no issues there.
The beauty is when calls are made to a Pro M1 device from Pro M2 device from Jio to Airtel, the call volumes are fine. Only Jio to Jio is the issue here.
But the Bluetooth call volume takes a hit in every scenario, no matter what provider, Jio or Airtel, WhatsApp or normal call, VOLTE or standard call, the volume is terribly low.
It's too low that even after cranking the full volume in the phone and car bluetooth, we can't hear anything, but the other side can hear us very clearly.
But the Bluetooth audio is fine everywhere I used in car and home theater systems.
I'm fully on stock apps. All issues on Stock Phone App and Whatsapp. All apps up to date.
Build No: PKQ1.WW_Phone-16.2017.2004.075-20200407
The Bluetooth issue predates to Oreo and the Earpiece issue persists from one of the Pie updates.
The call issue is too bad that we can't attend a call outdoors. Have to use a headset or loudspeaker. Same for the car bluetooth call, have to use the loudspeaker.