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Zenfone 9

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Bluetooth problem when received a call while listeng music in the car, and after call end, the music volume get crazy distorted, only way to solve the problem is restarting the phone 



Hello @Vanderhk 


We're so sorry to hear about this. can you please let me know what firmware version you have + do you have a video of the sound distortion?  Thank you! 

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 i upgrade at the last version.
The distortion is just same music on very high level .  I think until now nobody report this issue but you can check your self , i really think this issue is in all the zenphone 9.
Connect the telephone via bluetooth to the car (not use android auto)   when listen music you have to received a call, after call finish the volume goes up crazy, a lot of distortion, im using Spotify.., This happen only on this phone,  One Plus and ios doesn't have this problem 


Hey there some questions for you

1. Have you noticed if this happens while you use Bluetooth earbuds or does it only happen in the car? 

2. What app are you using while on the phone call? (IM app, WhatsApp calling). Please provide the name. 

3. When you mention that the music goes up after a c all, does this happen temporarily (1-2s) or does the audio stay high? 



These answers would greatly help us to try and investigate this issue. Thank you! 

hello, this happen on earbuds as well , I use watsaap and  Spotify , is not only 2 secnds, the problem stay until restart the APP