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Zenfone 9: Phone speaker to the ear stopped working after update

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When I make a call, I can't hear anything, Tested it and the other side can hear me fine. Only if I put it on speaker I can hear and listen. Is this a bug in the latest update? 33.0804.2060.100


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Interesting as this is kinda the opposite of the typical speakerphone problem where when you toggle it on and off the person can't hear you (or you cannot hear them). A reset normally works for the problem I mentioned, until it reappears again. Has that worked for you? The speakerphone problem is well known to asus and has been a problem since launch. Happens as a result of toggling speaker phone on and off or something similar. Return the phone to asus. Hopefully they will get a fix sorted. They haven't fixed mine though ☹️.

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