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Zenfone 9 mobil data Problem

Star II

Zenfone 9 Android 14 

Version WW_34.0304.2004.108

After WW_34.0304.2004.108 version my Mobile internet and communication not work stabilize.  Specially when I am in travel no body reach me and if I call somebody I couldnt. And voice iş very bad quality. When I catch mobil internet speed iş vey bad and not stabil. Volte is not work ! This iş big problem. I restart mobil settinhs fabriq. I rid hard reset to my phone but nothing change. Now I see mobil data signal looking good but i couldnt talk and i couldnt open browser  page. İ am in Türkiye. Please solve this problem. Because i quit to use my zenfone 9 because of all this problem



Hey @abdullah_kara,

Can you please mention the name of your network carrier.


Thank you for your interest. I live in Turkiye, İstanbul.
My operator name is TURKCELL,
But I check my phone with other operator sim card (Turk TELEKOM)
I live same problem.
All problem start after  update WW_34.0304.2004.108


Are you able to access the mobile data with the same SIM card in another phone?

Yes. I check my SIM 3 other phone and eveything  normal work. Now I start to use my same SIM  at my oldest phone (ASUS ZENFONE 5 Z) and I have no problem. I live problem with only Zenfone 9 and problem start after  WW_34.0304.2004.108 uptade.