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Zenfone 9 camera

Star I

I love everything about this phone, except the camera. In anything other than decent light it's just average, even with using Gcam.

Do we think this is going to improve at all? I was spoilt coming from the Pixel 6 and not sure I can live with the camera performance on the Zenfone.


Star I

I'm also not happy with the camera. It seems that close-up pictures are ok, but things a bit further away get this weird plastified look. The fabric of clothing sometimes becomes a whole different texture, and for example the hands of a young person can look like those of a really old person. It's a pity, because I wanted to take some nice pictures to print and hang on the wall now that I am on vacation, but with this quality it's not going to happen. 

Rising Star II

Another big disappointment about this cameras is that we can't zoom with 50MP setup.

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