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Where is Bootloader Unlock Tool? Where are Security Updates for Zenphone 9?

Star III

What needs to be done to get any official statement from ASUS? 

As owner of this device I request clear answers with dates to these questions:

1. Where is Bootloader Unlock Tool?

2. Where are Security Updates for Zenphone 9?

I can clarify further if you do not understand these questions.


Star II

Because of this, i temporarily change my phone from Asus...but seems will be permanent 

Same here, I bought an Asus device about a month ago without knowing that the unlock server was unavailable. I waited a few weeks but then I returned the phone. Now months later it's still not online again. I hope the loss of customers was worth it to Asus. If they would've just communicated then there wouldn't have been any problems. A company of Asus' size waiting months before actually acknowledging anyone about this is unacceptable. Then promising a Q3 release and not even following through on that. Now Q4? I'll believe it when I see it.

Bought the phone a few months ago ahhh

Star III

yes, yes … bad situation for all of us!

Star III

Any new updates? Didn't they said that it will get released before November? Seems like they are gonna make us wait even more with the fact that for a lot of us locked phones are unusable.