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Where is Bootloader Unlock Tool? Where are Security Updates for Zenphone 9?

Star III

What needs to be done to get any official statement from ASUS? 

As owner of this device I request clear answers with dates to these questions:

1. Where is Bootloader Unlock Tool?

2. Where are Security Updates for Zenphone 9?

I can clarify further if you do not understand these questions.


I have to wonder who issued these "necessary regulations" who are the "relevant authorities" and what the "regulatory requirements" are, I can only think of two possibilites
1) Google who want to ensure tracking continues 
2) Governement(s) who wish to ensure it is always possible to install a back door?
It would be a dream to think that ASUS would be courteous enough to deny either of these or provide further information, the whole support of this and the information available is very disappointing. I suspect I will soon be returning my ASUS phone (still waiting in it's box) and discouraging anyone from ever buying one.

Thank you for trying to "explain" the reasons for our prolonged wait for the bootloader unlocking tool - it's better than your silence. More importantly, please for the sake of everyone waiting:

 What is the current expected but realistic release date for the bootloader unlocker tool?

Thank you Mansi for giving this some news.

Stop your lies, from June until now you have been using all sorts of words to make people believe that it will take you so long to restore this easy tool that any brand can simply make, despite the fact that you have been making Android phones for almost 10 years, and you have managed to lose all the trust of your users, stop using this poorly thought out scam to stop people from returning the products that they purchased because of the scam they fell for

Thank you for the update sir