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I know this has been posted about before but I'm so frustrated because I've tried everything and this phone is still unlocking in my pocket and causing chaos! Sending private pictures to my family group chat is not ideal. I've enabled the button press feature and half the time it works, half the time it still unlocks with only the fingerprint.. either way it still unlocks in the pocket. I could disable fingerprint altogether but it's one of the reasons I bought this phone. My firmware is up to date, can Asus please sort this out before this phone causes me any more embarrassment and frustration.


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Today I got an update to 33.0804.2060.100 but looks like only security updates were there. No change in terms of proximity sensor and pocket mode.

Please, this is just a matter of turning off the screen and fingerprint sensor completely when pocket mode is ON and phone recognize it is in the pocket.

Same problem here. This is such a good phone otherwise but it's crazy that this hasn't been solved. It doesn't seem like "Pocket Mode" does anything. Turning on "press only" is the only way to make it stop, but that's not nearly as convenient, and double-tap to wake is unreliable. I can't be too difficult to just check the proximity sensor before unlocking, but also it sounds like some people's phones are unlocking even if the phone was definitely not accidentally unlocked via fingerprint when putting it in their pocket? Never had this problem with any of my old Nexus or Pixel devices, so it's sad that Asus hasn't figured it out.

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Could the cause be this?:

I have noticed that sometimes the voice assistant activates. When the assistant is activated, the screen turns on.

It has happened to me 4 times in about 6 months. It has ever happened to me in my pocket.

So far this is the only bug I've seen.

The phone works very very well.

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I see many people with the same problem, the solution goes beyond asking the firmware version.

If they don't fix the problems. If they don't listen to their users, Asus will miss the chance to re-emerge in the smartphone market 

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@Mansi_ASUS  Can you please flag this to IT team again? You see how many people have this issue.