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Some Problem I Have Found "AOD and In APP Camera"

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Model Name : Zenfone 9

Firm Version : WW_33.804.2060.100

Rooted or Not : Not Rooted

Frequency Of Occurence : Very Low Brightness (Everytime) - this is for AOD Problem-

APP Name and APP Version : Identitas Kependudukan Digital Version 1.1.0 - this is for Camera Problem-

I've been wondering. Is it just me or AOD in this phone isn't beam enough brightness, i need to very focus to see. But In some rarely cases, the brightness just too high. I get this problem since i bought this phone. Is it Asus Feature ?

For Camera Problem, When i try to scan qrcode from in app camera (using back camera), it won't auto-focus, it gets blurred every time, so i couldn't get to scan qr.

Please Help,

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Zen Master II

1. They automatically adjust your AOD brightness to prevent your AOD from burn

2. Try to scan it from farer and see if it's still won't auto focus

1. So, that's normal ?

2. Nope, still won't auto focus. But sometimes, it get fix focus. Perhaps that's App Issues.

Thanks for Replying

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Community Manager
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