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Pocket mode

Star II
Hi, is it possible to auto lock phone in pocket mode or to disable screen at least? I have made numerous mistake calls and settings changes due to unlocking the phone when putting it in my pocket.

Star III
@Titan_ASUS was this issue forwarded to developer team? Looks like easy fix of pocket mode. Just turn off wake up thru fingerprint when pocket mode is on and proximity sensor detects pocket IN.

Star I
i just posted a thread with call problems when my phone is in the pocket. if i answer on the car display the pocket mode does nothing and the displays stays on so everybody keeps telling me that they hear me pressing keys... this means that the display is on, while i`m connected to my car and speaking with someone, and having the phone in my pocket. this was the exact same issue with the zenfone 8 too and had to return it.

Hey @eldair,
Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I've reported the issue to the R&D and will get back to you as soon as I hear back from the team.

Star III
Just as a comment, issue is still in place for Android 13. It should be easy fix and this bug is very annoying.

Rising Star II
I have never had this problem with press + touch fingerprint - as opposed to just touch fingerprint.