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No cellular data, Zenfone 9

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I've seen a few others having this issue but the forums closed without solutions so I feel I have to share my fix.

For my Zenfone 9 I randomly couldn't connect to cellular data on T-Mobile, after having it connected for months. Other sims worked in the phone, calling and sms worked, the sim worked in other phones.

After a long list of troubleshooting shooting the APN, swapping sim cards, calling T Mobile, etc, it turned out because I was not using the default messenger for texts (Signal instead) I was not getting the message to give the phone access to the network after an update changed it most likely. Swapping the default sms back, and reseating the sim card fixed it.

Had a similar issue: found that I could not send/receive MMS messages.
Troubleshooting steps taken:
Called my mobile provider GCI (they're located in Alaska but I live in the Mountain West region of the USA so my phone connects to T-Mobile towers here)
They helped me set up APN settings
Checked group chat settings on my messaging app (Signal)
However the problem was not solved. What mostly fixed my issue was switching to the default messaging app Google Messages and turning on chat features. However, both outgoing and incoming MMS messages take 3-6 min to deliver. Tested this with WiFi off so I could ensure it was using my 5G only. At least it's working now, even if it's way slower than my previous phone.

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I'm currently experiencing this since I updated my phone to android 13, how did you fix yours step by step


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