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Next update: improve camera

Rising Star I
12 days with the Zenfone 9. A little better than the 8. But...the camera needs to be improved.
On a Spanish YouTube channel (Topes de gama), a very good channel where they compare smartphones, they compare 2 very similar ones. Xiaomi 12 vs Zenfone 9.
The forum does not allow me to put the link, sorry.
Same features and same main camera. But the Xiaomi gets better photos. The Zenfone 9's camera is a bit "shaky"; Some good photos and some not so good. The color and night mode.
Personally, what I like about the Z8 and Z9 is that the photos are natural, with little processing. But in the comparison video you can see the differences with the Xiaomi.
We look forward to the next update.

Rising Star II
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