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Good job Asus 👍🏻

Rising Star I

You launched your new model Zenfone 10 and you forgot Zenfone 9

More than half of July has elapsed and no sign of the update, at least with this month's security patch.



Zen Master I

Come on! What will users think of ZF8? I hope Asus doesn't rush and update when everything is fine.

(I don't know previous versions)

WW-32.2004.2004.84 - 2022/07/29

WW-32.2030.2030.26 - 2022/08/23 - 25 days

WW-32.2040.2040.23 - 2022/09/23 - 31 days

WW_32.2040.2040.28 - 2022/10/05 - 12 days

WW_32.2050.2050.29 - 2022/10/27 - 22 days

WW_32.2050.2050.34 - 2022/11/14 - 18 days

WW_33.0804.2060.65 - 2022/12/08 - 24 days  (*)

WW-33.0804.2060.73 - 2022/12/20 - 12 days

WW-33.0804.2060.88 - 2023/01/31 - 42 days

WW-33.0804.2060.100 - 2023/02/22 - 22 days

WW-33.0804.2060.113 - 2023/03/31 - 37 days

WW-33.0804.2060.142 - 2023/06/01 - 62 days

WW-33.0804.2060.165 - 2023/08/09 - 70 days


(*) Major update to A13: here was another inferior version, which they discarded and after several weeks they launched this one.


It seems that you're well connected with Asus. Do you know if anyone won the Zenfone 10 from the camera blind test survey ? (All Eyes On Zenfone 10).

Rising Star II

Yes, awful. Of all the phone companies I know, Asus is the only one to have ever been sooo, sooo late to update. The Zenfone 9 is junk. Worst updates, worst camera, worst battery life, worst display, worst 3.5" jack. Get rid of it asap. I'll pay you 400 dollars. Don't waste any moment, sell it right away. It's garbage. I am doing you a big favor, out of the kindness of my heart; and because I love your constant complaints about such crucial issues. They keep people alert to the evil nature of Asus.

Leaving aside your sarcasm, the funniest thing is that you are right in everything you say about Asus 🤣🤣🤣