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Complaints about the Z9???

Rising Star I
Have I had any luck with my Z9?
I don `t believe. I just think it's a good phone.
- Perfect size for those of us who like small phones.
- Good design. (I would put the 2 horizontal cameras).
- Fast operation.
- It doesn't get hot.
- Very correct camera. It could be better? Possibly a little. Is it bad? Absolutely not. It works very well. All cameras on all phones work differently and it also depends on personal taste. This is very very correct.
My grade for the Z9 is 9/10.

Star III
But it seems like they got no intensions to do something about camera software. Every complain about camera remains with no response from asus.

Star II
Some zenfone 9 phones came with permanently blurred camera. I have one and can only reccommend avoiding it for this reason.

Star I

Have you tried to do some editing on any type of sound?Not possible.Not even on the in phone recorded sounds not talking mp3 or others...

It feels that the sound/music was left in the hands of the open market.

It a bit of shame...some music player and audio editor it's a basic on a lot of entry phones.I'm so disappointed on this...

That message "no app for this file" showed in File manager for  any a 😕

Although a great phone!

Star III

The biggest complaint? Camera quality:
- photos with HDR,
- blurred camera,
- bad quality of photo/video from front camera,
- lagging 60fps videos and probably fake 60fps? - no response from ASUS on my thread.

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