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cannot receive SMS zenfone9

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I haven't received any SMS since about a month ago. When will the modified version of the program be released?


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Well, I receive SMS correctly.

The default application for SMS is from Google.

Talk to your operator, you may have something wrong or madie re writes SMS

From Zenfone 9 (16x256)@Android 13 > 33.0804.2060.142

Retired: Oneplus 9 Pro (12x256) | Huawei Mate 10 (4x64) | Lumia 650 (1x16) | Lumia 1020 (2x32) | HTC Mozart (0,5x8) | SonyEricsson Satio (0,25x0,13) | SonyEricsson K850i | SonyEricsson Z300 | HTC Touch | Nokia 8850 | Nokia 8210 | Trium MT 040 | OneTouch Easy Amena | Motorola Amena M3688 | Motorola Micro TAC

It seems that there are other occurrences in Japan.
I will contact the customer.
thank you.

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Hello all,

I have been running into an intermittent issue regarding SMS on the Zenfone 9. Some messages are not being received at all by any messaging app that I use. I have tried Textra and the stock Messages app. I only started seeing it after the latest update that ASUS pushed. Happens about once or twice a day.

Anyone notice some texts not being received? It seems like the phone has no issues sending/delivering text messages. Issue only affects incoming messages.

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I've been on mint for a couple of years now, and recently replaced my oneplus 6t with an asus zenfone 9. It took awhile to notice but seemingly at random, received texts will go into a black hole. I usually don't notice until a person's 'hey are you alive?' Texts manage to go through.

Has anyone else had trouble with this? Thanks!