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Camera still horrible after android 13.

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I've managed to update to android 13 and the main camera is still blurry (cannot focus) in every mode possible (vide , photo, Pano etc.) Except for the wide angle one (that one works pretty good).

Can we at least have an answer from ASUS regarding this complex issue that affects a lot of it's users?

Thank you!

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Same issues here. FW version WW_33.0804.2060.73


Camera version version


I've tried safe mode, a few of the gcam versions, Snapchat camera and manually focusing using the Pro camera. It's odd because when I manually focus, it will show that what I'm trying to focus on is in focus with the green outline but it's clearly not. I can confirm that I was able to use AF and MF last on January 5th but my other photos don't seem like good tests. The actual focus of the image is locked at the default setting but the code determining if it's actually in focus is not. It's as if I were running around with a 50mm lens and the AF thinks it's working but it's no longer talking to the hardware to actually adjust the focus. 


I can upload a screen recording or a bug report of that'd help. 


Update: still not completely working but I noticed that the focus works from about 4 inches to about 2ft in front of the camera.

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Experiencing no such issues here, my camera has been fine on android 12 and now on android 13 33.0804.2060.73

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