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Android 13 (Google) has removed Xauth. Cannot connect to Asus router via VPN - Help!

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With Android 13 the "IPSec Xauth PSK" option (along with others) has been removed by Google. There is only three VPN options left of one being insecure (not recommended, MSCHAPv2). The other two are IKEv2/IPSec PSK and IKEv2/IPSec RSA.
The Asus routers (even the latest ones, i.e. all) only accept OpenVPN, PPTP and IPSec. But only IPSec with XAuth which requires a username and password in addition to a preshared key. The IKEv2/IPSec PSK on Android does not support Username and Password hence it is not possible to connect to your Asus router by VPN (a highly useful feature when travelling abroad).

Is there anyone who have managed to get around this problem? I have tried to contact Asus but without any response. 

One option could be to dowload the OpenVPN Connect-app and connect to the Router via OpenVPN, not very efficient and powerhungry as hell. Unfortunately, when extracting the needed certificate from the Asus router and importing it into the OpenVPN app it generates an error (Failed remote). 

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In case you didn't do it, there are a few security configurations and certification validations that OpenVPN has for a specific profile, you can enable or disable these and see if it helps. These are in the profile authentication/encryption page. It would be useful to enable logging, though in order to get more info you need to make sure that in the settings of OpenVPN uncheck "OpenVPN 3 Core".

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