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Zenfone 8 display off sensitivity

Star II

I have recently got a Zenfone 8.
When i have the Phone in my pocket, it turns on the screen and a lor of the time, when I take my Phone out, it has entered the unlock or emergency info. The Phone is a lot more sensitive than my old Phone, while in my pocket. I have enabled pocket mode in the settings, which helped a bit... I suspect that my thigh triggers the fingerprint sensor, and swipes the screen.
Is it possible to reduce the sensitivity further, or require the power button to be pressed, before the screen is turned on.

This is getting a bit frustration...

Rising Star II
Do you have glove mode enabled? Right next to pocket mode?

Star II
Glove mode is disable.

Star II
I have that problem too, given up on it already. I just switch off the fingerprint unlock and gestures unlock. I only use facial and the manual unlocks.

Star III
I have the same problem, the sensitivity of the display is off and the mode in the pocket is on, and when I pull out the phone, everything starts, the zenfone unlocks itself, I'm already desperate ..... ..