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The same BUG again and again...

Rising Star II
System updates are still forced despite disabled option in update system settings. So, what that option do anyway?!
It feels like windows 10 - but you can disable automatic updates in windows with group policy editor...
I don't want to risk any updates while I'm away from home! Is that so hard to understand?
And spare me crappy arguments about "security" etc. I am technically aware enough to decide for myself.
If I'm forced to install updates it feels like i am some software tester - who should I call to receive a salary for that?

Rising Star II

Hi @pio_zen ,

1.Just to confirm you have the following settings in -> System update settings> automatically download and install to "Do not allow".

2.Also that Auto-update overnight is disabled

And still with those settings your device is getting automatically update?

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Yeah, everything set as it should be. I got 3 last updates like that - even with pressing "later" after some time it said something like "installed , reboot to complete"

Star III
Same issue - I select "Later" and few hours later it tells me to reboot....