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Still waiting for Android 12 OTA update for A11 with .82 firmware users

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Dear Asus Support,
I've been reaching you guys from social media, sending the email, etc regarding with the topics, but no response. FYI I just bought ZF8 because it said, this phone will have an A12 update. But for me a .82 firmware users, still don't get the OTA update.
I didn't want to manually update from support site, it just because you guys write the special notice that said :
"*Special notice: This upgrade patch only allows to upgrade from WW-, WW-, WW-31.1004.0404.73, WW-31.1004.0404.81 & WW-31.1004.0404.92 versions to Android 12. The other firmware version can't use this patch file to upgrade."
So, since my firmware isn't listed at the special notice above, I just wait for the OTA version.
This ZF8 just replace my old Xiaomi mi 8 that serve me more than 3 years. More than 3 years, Mi 8 still got an excellent battery live even tho it only has 3400 Mah, but sadly Mi 8 only reach maximum update to Android 10 officialy, that's why I bought ZF8 to replace it.
I thought with my daily users (not gamers), and ZF8 battery capacity 4000mah, it will be more than an upgrade beside it will give me an A12 update.
Sadly, for more than a week using it, I was wrong, ZF8 is a great phone for it's compact size, but please your battery consumption even when it's idle (screen off), it still power hungry, even tho I set my battery setting to durable.
Please learn from xiaomi developers how they can make their battery low consumption with their MIUI os, please make ZenUI like MIUI that can make more than 4 hours SOT, with only 3400mah. (Mi 8).

Regard, Mekanin
First timer using Zenfone franchise

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I did not have a failure on camera on .82.

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I'm mean if you update to Android 12 if you pass manually from 112.82

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I just did manually update from .82 to Android 12 from their support site.
And you know what? I love the battery performance, battery life is very GOOD!!! Tihs is the phone I wanted.
After the A12 manual update, my ZF8 is using less power when it's idle (screen off). This is almost two days since I update and have a full charge 100%, and right now it still have 26% left with SoT more than 4 hours, with casual usage, social media (twitter, instagram, line), whatsapp, and watching video on youtube.
Great stability, still no found bugs so far, camera etc...
I just hate the A12 quick setting for wifi (on-off), not practical at all