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Problems with android 12

Star I
I'm on 31.1004.0404.68. Ever since it was upgraded to android 12, I'm having serious problems with proximity sensor.
On many occasions, during calls, the screen keeps accepting touches, with undesirable behaviour - camera turns on, WiFi turns off, etc. This has got to do with the proximity sensor not sensing my ear against the screen.
Also sometimes the light sensor seems to have wrong readings and, despite having brightness to about 80%, the screen is completely unreadable.
How can I fix this?


Zen Master I
Hi @Pedro70 ,
Please update to latest version 31.1004.0404.73.
If issue persists I will recommend you to back up your data and perform a "factory reset".

Star III
Hi guys,
I found some bugs in Android 12. What is the best way to report this issues? Is there any form to fill in? Or should I just make a topic here. In case of second option: every bug in one topic or separated?

Zen Master I
Hi @adrkli ,
You can make a new thread and explain there the issues you have encounter and we´ll investigate them.