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How to say NO to Android 13?

Rising Star I

So far I have been really lucky, not experiencing any of the major breakages or even minor infelicities that some ZF8 users have reported on this forum.
BUT .. I really don't want Android 13. My wife's Nokia X10 updated to 13 the other day and since then her BlueTooth connection is on-ing and off-ing recurrently every 5 or 10 seconds; and this fault already has a huge web literature. So I think it's def the update and not the phone.
I am in dread of the update being conveyed to my device which up to now has proved stupendously reliable and consistent. Just can't remember how the conveyance woirks. Will I be made the offer, and can I say No?
(Who knows what other glitches Android 13 might bring with it additional to BT problems .. .. .. ?)


Rising Star II

No more bugs on my ZF8 on Android 13...

Really? the forum is full of people reporting issues with Android 13 since upgrade. 

Are you absolutely sure that there are no more bugs with A13?

Rising Star I

Thank you. We both went into Developer options. Nokia user tweaked BT setting. (Elderly 1.4 and brand new 1.6 both work well, 1.5 was flakey.) I've turned off "Automatic update - system will update on restart" so that it won't. But in fact much less anxious about Android 13 now that I know in principle how one might overcome glitches.

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