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How to get rid of AutoRotate button in lower right hand corner?

Star III

How do I get rid of this nasty button? Everytime I pickup the phone in an app I hit it and it flips my screen to useless landscape in messaging and browsing.   Makes me exit app and redo/restart what I'm doing, just to get back to portrait!  LANDSCAPE IS DISABLED IN SETTINGS - I DO NOT EVER USE LANDSCAPE! 

I am disabled  I have all my setting set for portrait!

* Zenfon8, us, android 13, current release5/2023.


Star III

That button only appears when you do not have auto-rotate on and your phone's orientation changes, and lasts only for a few seconds.  You don't have to exit app or redo/restart.  Simply change the orientation back, and the button should appear again.

By the way, how do you disable landscape in Settings?  I cannot see such option.



We apologize for the inconvenience but at the moment there is no option to turn off or remove the button. 

This is NOT an acceptable solution for Disability accommodation and/or  for Accessibility access!

I do not have a tablet sized phone, rotating to landscape makes all screens unreadable at my font and display settings. Please remove this nasty unfeature in next update/upgrade!

It doesn't mater how many seconds it's there, I manage to hit it every time.

Yes, I DO


have to exit the app to get it back in portrait, as the whole screen is covered by one or two lines of what ever app that  was active when it flipped and nasty little button doesnt come back!