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Feature request: Option to disable green indicator light for front camera (ZenFone 8)

Rising Star I
I don't understand why there need to be that indicator light on, when using front camera for video?
More i understand that there is indicator for back camera when it is on use but on front, you see the screen anyway.
So please add option to disable that "camera in use" indicator light.
Also, there is a bug at least with Google duo, when you rotate your device, it left dark rounded dot on the place where the camera normally is 🙂

Rising Star I

No and absolutely no.

We have indicator led on the device already. It can be there if needed but for now, it is your way, if you want use example 3rd wideangle lens top of the camera.

You don't have indicator for back camera. If you have this "save the children" mentality over this, then but it on security option but it not needed to be forced for every one.

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Just out of curiosity: why does this feature bother you so much? I don't use the front camera so much, so I can't understand why this indicator is a problem, could you explain?

Star II
I wouldn't be surprised if this is some sort of government / European Union legislation about having the LED indicator.

Personally it doesn't bother me being on. What I did notice though is if you have the feature that extends the screen timeout turned on I would hear the click from the camera and no LED indicator, which made me think its using the camera to check if I'm looking at the screen and can bypass the LED.

Rising Star I
It is too bright anyway.

Rising Star II


The sensor privacy indicator will be expanded for Android 12 - as that is a big part of the Android 12 changes. Also/specifically for when apps are calling the use of these sensors, from the background.

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I hope there will be also improvement to idle battery drain , as part of android 12 changes or not. 😉