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Echo for caller - first minute only

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I only recently got a ZenFone 8 and it has been updated to the newest Android 13 firmware. Completely stock. When making calls using the standard app, the person on the other end hears a terrible echo for the first minute of the conversation and then it suddenly fixes itself. It's incredibly frustrating. Anybody know any fixes?


I would try to do a backup of data and reset it to the factory settings. If this will not help, there is probably a physical failure of the microphone, so You need to send it to the repair.

I have done a factory reset and still the same.

Hi @SilvaZen and everyone who is experiencing this issue:


Can you let me know the following info:


1. System version
2. Does echo happen when you call everyone or a specific person?
3. Is the calling in-bound or out-bound calling?
4. If your VOLTE enabled?
5. What operator are you using
6. Finally, pleas provide an “audio, sound recording and call audio” log. 


Thank you!

Honestly I don't have time for all this. I need a phone that works. Will call today re warranty.

Best I can give you:

  • System is Android 13
  • Happens with every person
  • In or out bound
  • Wifi or mobile
  • Volte is enabled
  • Using Telstra Australia

Don't have time for making calls and taking audio log.

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Community Manager
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