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Camera app document/scan mode

Rising Star I
I really like the document scan mode implemented within the camera app. The only option I miss is to scan the document primarily in black/white or greyscale. Is there a way to get this done?

Zen Master I
Hi @th.besch,
Once you scan de doc and take the shot, in Auto adjust you can press "enhance" and apply greyscale or b/w to the document.
Let me know if you still cannot find this function 😉

Rising Star I
Hi @Irene2_ASUS
Thank you for your answer. I sure know this function. I would like to choose b/w in advance, before scanning the document. This would make things easier and faster, especially for batch scanning. Maybe it is possible to place a small button to toggle colour/bw/greyscale next to the flashlight button in a further version of the app...

Star III
put your idea here:
I'd vote for it 😉