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3rd party video recording

Star I
Hello, I want to know if there is any FW version where is possible to record at 3rd party Apps (I'm using filmic pro And protake) in 60FPS. I'm on the latest firmware. Ale others Apps except the default one (which is good, I can't deny that) are locked to 30FPS and doesn't matter what I set. Doesn't matter on the resolution either. Why Is it blocked to developers to use full potential of the phone?

Rising Star I
No and devs aren't doing anything to fix this, just because sony dosnt deliver drivers which open all features to 3rd camera apps. I dont understand, why they not even try to pressure sony to do so?
This is big problem on android in general. I understand that sure they wanted to give best possible video experience to users via their own camera app but this kind of thinking is old and need to be changed. Take example streaming applications, like youtube app, it cannot provide 60fps for users. 60fps is needed to open.

Rising Star II
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