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I bought this phone for pro selfie videos and I can't use an external mic with it.

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Uphere is another locked thread where this issue was mentioned but ignored.

I hope I won't need to sell the phone and buy another one that has this function well implemented.

I am using an external lavalier connected to ZenFone Flip 8 and the phone doesn't record the audio, even if I deselect the media output that was automatically set as the mic and set the phone as output. Even after selecting the external mic function in the down right corner of the camera preview, it still does not work. 

I require assistance on the matter.


Thanks for the support on this! Hope we can get some attention towards an issue that would benefit everyone in this situation and also ASUS support, in case everyone shows professionalism.

I got a Chinese 4$ BT remote that works just fine for me. What is that issue?

Agree. I saw multiple people posting about it not working in the official camera app, but maybe they fixed it by now but didn't mention that they fixed it? Mine will only arrive next week or the week after that (separate shipment from the DAC)


Hello Everyone, 

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Can you please give me more information so I can report it to our team:

  1. ZF8 Flip system version:
  2. Mic and DAC model:
  3. What APP do you use to capture audio? The ASUS Camera APP or 3rd app? If you could provide the steps in details will be helpful.

Thank you!

  1. Android 13 ZF8 Flip 
  2. Any Mic and any DAC performed the same
  3. ASUS Camera APP.

For point 3 - I tried unsuccessfully 2 ways:

One is to connect the hardware and then select external mic from camera app. No audio recorded.

Second is to unset the audio output from external mic to speaker, which was auto-set on hw connection, again no audio recorded.

I might have tried even different ways, still no audio recorded.

I have a new problem when using a BT remote to start/stop recording. The audio record is cut and is smaller in duration than the actual recording. Few seconds when the rec starts and even 10-20 seconds before the video ends, there is no audio recorded by the phone, for some reason.

Thank you.

Update: My phone cuts audio from start and from the end of the video using the default camera app even if I don't connect a BT remote to trigger video. I decided i will wait for a month and if I see no fixes on the issues reported I will sell the phone and get something that works well.