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Zenfone 7 camera flip malfunctioning

Star I

I tried googling this issue, but it's like I'm the only person with a malfunctioning camera flip!

I've dropped my Zenfone 7 (It fell off my pocket onto a hard wood floor) and ever since, the camera flip mechanism isn't working anymore, and the camera is loose (if I shake my phone, the camera pops out).

Most annoyingly, when I use my phone, the camera tries to open, god knows why, and since it's not working anymore, it's just making noise and then displaying an error message (make sure nothing is obstructing the camera and try again).

Yes, it's my fault because I dropped the phone, but phones will inevitably fall right?? It's annoying that the flip doesn't work anymore, but I can always manually open the camera. I just want my phone to stop trying to open the camera when I'm just trying to read emails??

What can I do?

Honestly this is making me regret my decision of buying this phone.


Star III

This happened to me a year ago. I dropped my zf7pro into my living room floor and the camera motor took a hit so it went malfunctioning. 

The only way of restoring normal usage again is to install a new camera motor to the phone in which you can aquire from official asus spare parts shop. 

Zen Master III

Exact same thing happened to me so I put some double sided tape on the back of the camera and it stays put now. If you still have the case with the clip that locks the camera into place use that. The error message should go away after a restart, mine did. No selfie camera anymore but front facing camera works again . This is just my spare phone so not really a problem for me