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What is the latest version of firmware

Zen Master III
I have only had this zenfone 7 since January 4 and I am on WW. .
Is this the latest version or am I /we(Aussies) a bit behind???
I ask because I know that Asus can be very cautious ( slow) in releasing updates
PS how do you get to the manual download/ update site.???
With my old ZenFone 5 z all I had to do was type in zenfone 5z download site but when I type in zenfone 7 update site in the Google search engine all I get is a promo page????
PS have to say that I love this device keep up the great work you clever little people.

Zen Master III
I may ( actually did) have gotten a bit ahead of the state of things .
Shortly after posting this ( Litterly within hours) I got an OTA update to WW. being the Ota update for the Google security patch/ update 5/1/21 . So I believe that I am on the latest build.
I have always been an impatient SOB.
I'll crawl back Into my shell now
Thanks Roy

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Zen Master III
No not yet but apparently it's not far away. There is an android 11 beta program for the zenfone 7 but it is full

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Hall of Fame III
A11 is coming soon

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Rising Star I

Yes but the zenfone 6 obviously came before the 7 so that makes sense take heart in this knowledge ASUS doesn't forget about us when our phones get to a year or Two of Age so 12 or 18 months down the track we ( zenfone 7 s) will be getting android 12 but I don't think that the 6s will.

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I am waiting for the launch of the A11 for ZenFone 7 and then I will buy one and change the 6. The A11 is showing at 6. Unfortunately in Brazil Asus did not bring the 7 Pro.