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What is,, full ramdump,, ??

Zen Master III
Lately my Z 7 is doing strange things when connecting to android auto.
Occasionally when I plug it into my Van the screen will freeze and it enters into,, waiting for full ramdump,, mode and all I can do is wait and watch.
It's a bit scary as every time it happens I am worried that it will not fire up again.
What is going on here?
Why is it doing it ?
Am I correct in being a little concerned that it may brick itself in the process ??
This phone really only has to last another week or so then it will just be used to take photos of deliveries and send them to my depot,no more AA for it but I am a little concerned that it may not make it to the day my new phone is delivered and with apple pushing the ETA for the 14PM further and further away I'm not really sure how long it needs to last


Rising Star II
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