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Unusable since last updates

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I'm on update 31.0210.0210.309 Android 12.

My Zenfone 7 Pro always had annoying glitches, but nothing that made it unusable. I actually loved to use it.

After some major updates and 2 years later the camera app doesn't open until being completely closed 3 or more times, apps constantly crash for no reason, phone randomly restarts, really late crash prompts (20 seconds late sometimes) make me close the apps by accident after waiting a long time just to use them, apps freeze all the time.

It's completely unreliable and I'm feeling forced to use my old Samsung phone, with a perfectly good Asus phone. 2 years ago I was already thinking about buying another Asus phone in the future, but if this doesn't get fixed after so little time, I just can't do that.

Samsung is still updating my S10e, and my Zenfone 7 Pro feels abandoned.

Just for context, I used the warranty to try and fix it, was factory reset many times, has way more than half it's resources (internal memory, internal, ram, etc) completely unused. This can only be software related.

Pls fix this and stop screwing old models. That won't make me buy a new one. At least not from you


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Community Manager
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