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I broke the camera motor...... Anyone know how much repair costs?

Star I
The Zenfone 7 Pro claimed something was obstructing the camera and wouldn't flip and regrettably I manually moved it into selfie position. I heard something break and now the motor doesn't operate and won't move. The camera still functions and pictures can be taken, but indeed the camera flip button won't move the camera anymore. Very annoyed with myself....!
After speaking with Asus they say I'll need to send the phone to Poland for it to be looked at and a repair cost quote to be given. I'll of course need to pay the shipping costs there and back plus the inspection labour.
I'm wondering if anyone has any experience on how much getting this fixed may cost? As perhaps, as annoying as it is, may not be worth it....

Star I
Same happened to me, didn't think the motor was built in such bad quality.
I emailed every phonerepair person in my area, not a single one could fix it.
Emailed Asus and they told me it would be ~ 90$ to get it inspected and they would send a price of the repair after that.
My insurance took care of it and today I got a email saying it would cost more to repair than buying a new one.
I liked the phone really much, but if the camera motor is that weak I'll sadly have to look for something different.

Rising Star II
That is very funny and sad at the same time! How could repairing a part of a phone cost more than thw whole phone?? They exchange only the camera module, which contains the camera and the motor. How can this cost more than the whole phone which contains battery, screen, motherboard, and many other parts ?!?!?!?!