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Weird flimmers when using the camara | Zenfone 6 |

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So resonly i have experence some weird flimmers when I'm using my camera (selfie mode and normal mode?) It's flimmering and doing a lot of weird things, i have had my phone since juni 2020.
Here is a video of what the camera does, i have tried to restart it but it isn't working.

It is also updated (version 18.0610.2106.156.)


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@rikkew03 Here's what I recommend that you do (in order of severity):
Clear the storage & cache of the camera app. (Long press app icon -> App info -> Storage & cache)
Backup your personal data and perform a factory reset.
Contact a local ASUS service center (or your reseller) and let them take a look at your device.
Is it the same no matter which app you're using the camera with?

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were you using face unlock?