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Single tap to turn on screen request

Star III
I love the Z6 and ZenUi. But I find the "double tap to turn on the screen" quite inconsistent. It usually takes a few tries before the screen actually turns on. And that could be my fault, that I'm not tapping fast enough or the taps are too far away from each other. Therefore I would like to see a new option in ZenUi where you could just tap the screen once and it turns on, kind of like an iPhone or a OnePlus device. Please respond to make me know if it's possible, thanks! And again, love this phone!

Star III
Yes I have, but I find that inconsistent at times too. Both the double tap and the swipe up are working as they are supposed too. But that doesn't change the fact that for me it would be easier and more convenient just tapping the screen once. I don't think that would be too difficult to implement as an option. But I could be wrong.

Rising Star II
As I have said, the polling rate of digitizer (how often the device ask the display for touch input data) is lower when in screen off to save battery. Now I thought of allowing adjustment of sensitivity via adjustment of polling rate in the UI so that people don't have to resort to swipe / ask for single tap due to inconsistency and also those who like to save battery every more can set the polling rate even lower than now.

Zen Master III

I know this isn't what you're asking about, but have you tried the setting to allow swiping up to turn on the display?

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I read through this thread and that's exactly what I wanted to recommend to OP, but you've already done it 🙂
I use swipe up to wake up on a daily basis, it is completely consistent and I do not have one single problem with it.
If both built-in wake-up features both annoy you as described, it's quite possible that your digitizer is defective.

Star III
I see everyone's point but all I'm asking for is a simplex feature as an option because that's what I would prefer. If other people prefer other things that's fine, but I just don't. Like I said before, this is probably pretty easy to implement as an option (not as a replacement) so that users can try around for themselves what unlock method they prefer. (I don't think my digitizer is defective, thanks for the feedback though).

Rising Star II
I guess when few suggest for a feature the mods wouldn't consider it to add. Cuz there are many other important stuff they have to deal with.
Previously i have asked for fingerprint gesture with some add-ons, as i got a lot of support in a positive way, the mod accepted it to deliver that message to devs. So u need a lot of support for ur query.