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Restart issue after latest update.

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My Asus 6z  gets switched off automatically and restarts sometimes. This issue started after I have updated the phone today with latest FOTA update received. Also i have noticed some display issue after the update. Display was blacked out and showing some colour pixels automatically while i was using it. Also, when i switch off and switch on my phone, it keeps restarting itself before it switches on completely.
It's just 2 weeks old phone. If there is any issue with the software patch. Please fix it asap.

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I bought my Asus Zenfone 6z one day after the launch and after a week of usage my phone started crashing and restarting. I gave my phone for repair at the service center located in Borivali (mumbai), a day after checking the phone they called me and said that they can't resolve this issue at their end and they will have to ship this to another center located in Dadar (Mumbai) and it will take 14 days to repair. 

After 14 days when i received my phone, it hardly worked for a few hours and started restarting again, and the same pro
cess mentioned above was followed. Again 14 days later when i received my phone it still had the issue. Even after mentioning about the post from and constantly telling them that it is a hardware issue, no action has been taken to resolve the problem. It's been 60 days since i bought my phone and have hardly used it for 10 days. 

The service centers are too slow and they do not respond or give any update when required. The helpline number is completely useless as the only solution they provide is to, "go to the service center" and the service centers are not capable of solving this issue. I have not been given a new device or any refund too. I genuinely regret purchasing an Asus phone and would always recommend people not to buy one.

The phone is not a cheap device that an average consumer can purchase every 3 months, it's a premium device. I am tired and sick of sending mails, calls and i have given up any hope that my device will get fixed.

My product serial number is - K5AIGF0012932XH.

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Every week i come to zentalk posting my issue, writing mails and calling service centers and nothing has been solved yet so here i am again and i will keep voicing my problem till this issue is solved. I have been also collecting information from this website, the stupid emails that i receive everytime i log a complaint and have also recorded calls from the service center. I will wait till the mid of september and if phone is still not fixed. I will make it a priority that Asus gets banned in India and i would request all the members from the community to join me on this

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Nikhilcnx said:
@aakashgupta1891 I've sent you a PM
@Nikhilcnx I've sent you a PM
@Anders_ASUS .. Thank you for your reply. I would like to inform you that after your suggestion, on 21-August-2019 I visited your service center and submitted my Asus 6z for the issue which I was facing. Service center took my phone and gave me a jobsheet (RMA no.- SRASINDEL1908210004) and asked me to contact them after a day as they will take 2.5 hours to Flash my device software. Since after submitting my phone I am trying to contact your service center on the numbers mentioned on the jobsheet and also on the number which i got from Asus customer care. Your service center is not answering any single call. Also till the date I have not received any information about the status of my device. I made more than 30 calls on all the 3 numbers available and there was no response from your service center. Then I contacted your Asus customer care and asked them about the status. The lady tried to contact service center and put me on hold. After resuming the call she mentioned that service center is not answering their calls also. She asked me to wait as she will be escalating the concern. After sometime I again contacted your Asus customer care to check the status, this time the advisor placed the call on hold and I was on hold for complete 1 hour. While I was on hold, I called your Asus customer care from another number and had word with the Supervisor available there and he again tried to connect with the service center after placing my call on hold and after resuming the call, he mentioned that he is unable to connect with the service center as they are not answering the calls. He then asked me to wait for 3 more days as he is again escalating the concern to help me. I gave my phone to your service center on 21.Aug.2019 and I am waiting from past 5 days just to know the status of my device. Now your customer care is asking me to wait 3 more days to get a revert from their service center about the status of my device. I don't think I bought this premium product for my own harassment. I think I bought it for my own use. But I was able to use this phone for only 7 to 8 days, cause since after 6.Aug.2019 I was facing the issue after updating my phone through FOTA update and I have reported the same on this Asus Zentalk forum on 7.Aug.2019 . It was not even a month and i had to submit my new phone at the service center and this is how how Asus is treating their customer after purchasing a premium product. FYI, I have purchased 2 - Asus Max Pro M1 and 1 - Asus 6Z and 1 - Asus laptop and I was thinking of purchasing your upcoming Asus ROG.2 once it will launch in India. But, after getting this kind of response I think I will have to change my mind.
It's a humble request from you to please look into it ASAP.
Hope to get a proper resolution from you soon.
Bro if u have any other asus smartphone at home i can suggest you solution for this kindly check your repair status through MY ASUS APP in those phones by going to repair status section and entre ur RMA number there u can get progress of service there if its redy to pick then directly give a visit to service centre and m sure it ll be redy as ur status is redy dont wast ur time contacting i faced such issues when i use to own ZENFONE 3 

Cheers bro hope my solution will help u out ??
@amitgarde3   ..Thanks for your advise brother. But I already did that. Whenever I am checking there with my RMA No. or Serial number its showing "no records found please contact your service center."

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Thanks @Nikhilcnx
I'm collection all the feedback regarding our Indian ASUS Service Centers and I will of course take this to the people handling these Service Centers so they are aware of the situation. It should be like what you were just describing and I hope we will find a solution soon. We're very grateful that you like our products and it would be a shame if our service centers aren't at the level we expert them to
@Anders_ASUS .. May I know who are you by the way?? Are you someone from Asus or just a normal Asus user like me?? Can I trust your words? coz I am loosing my faith and trust in Asus service team and customer support.

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I work for ASUS and I just sent you a PM