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Phone gets heated up when clicking 48 MP shots through rear cam

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Even 5-10 minutes of using the camera on 48 MP which included clicking 10 photos on potrait made my device heated. Phone is updated to latest updated software received and have no restart issues other than this. I own an Indian version and got the device just 2 days back. Read a lot of mixed reviews about heating and hence unable to decide whether to go for a replacement ? Is it a software or hardware issue ? Will it get fixed in later updates or is the problem with particular unit ?


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Even after the latest software update (17.11.2002.137) the heating problem while using the photo/video for more than 10 minutes...exist. Is it a Hardware problem / software problem.?

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It gets heated while charging too when the phone is even idle and the adapter gets heated as well. Is this too normal ?

Note - Not using any wire extensions for charging and using the original charger.

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idk if its normal or not, but since i bought this phone, whenever i charge its heated up, but after battery is more than 70% is only warm.
So whenever i charge, i take off the case, then i put the phone on cold surface such as floor, or glass table. And my charging more faster than i take on the case. sorry for my english.