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Need some answers.

Star III
So let me give my update. I get over 6 hours of on 191. One of the unlucky one earlier with crashing and reboots. Was able to get my mother board replaced pretty fast within a day. After the replacement the firmware was 133 odd. hen got updated to 191 now. I have disabled Google play services searching in background to improve battery. Maybe getting another 5 percent probably. Able to get easily one day plus since I am a heavy user. Now sometimes my phone reboots when getting charged at night. I don't come to know of it till I wake up. Don't know this issue. Any clues from anyone appreciated. Moderators. Should I be concerned.

Community Legend I
How do you know it's rebooting itself at night? You had active apps that were disabled when you woke up? That is a really odd issue. If anything new is happening please let me know. You say you are a heavy user, what apps are you using the most? Disabling these apps for 24 hours and trying a normal overnight charge cycle could be a worthwhile test.