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Need of Native Email Client !!

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Hi Asus Developers !!
I have used Samsung, Apple, Blackberry, BlackBerry Android, and they all have native email client by default, why not on Asus devices? It is ridiculous to not have native email client on a smartphone. The third party apps that I used are either riddled with ads, heavy or charges exorbitantly for using Pro Version e.g AquaMail. I'm sure your answer would be: Why not use Gmail? It is not the answer as I use it as my phone ID alone. I could have bought AquaMail but I haven't because they are supposed to be the main feature of a smartphone experience !!
Somewhere in the midst of specs-sheet competition & multi-media playing capabilities - you have lost the whole purpose of building a proper smartphone.
Therefore, I urge you to kindly develop a native email client if you are here for the long run - not everyone is fond of forced trash Google bloatware. Personally, I have disable most of the Google apps and bought several apps to suit my needs.
Hoping you read this thread and take this into utmost consideration.
Asus fan.

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@KarmaGunz you've been warned. This language and attack on other users is not allowed in this forum.

We have no plans to develop our own email client. There's no point when there are so many great alternatives. I get the feeling that you are not aware that you can use gmail with other email accounts than Google. It might not work with all types of emails but there are many great 3rd party alternatives without ads that are totally free.

You are the first ever that I've seen in this forum that request a native email client and we constantly hear from both users and reviewers that it was such a great decision to minimize the amount of native ASUS apps. So in all honesty, this phone might not be for you.

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