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Minor bug (video)

Rising Star I
Hi, from the first day with this phone i dedicated the single click of the smart key to turn on-off the screen rotation. Lately, probably after the latest update, i noticed a delay of the bottom banner that shows the auto rotate on - off function when i press the smart key. I attach a screen recording to see what i am talking about... The time delay for the banner to change from on to off and vise versa is approximately 9 sec as you can see.
Hope the next update to fix that.
Thanks in advance


Zen Master III
I work with screen rotation just like you do, but I don't use Smart key for it. I use one of fully customizable FNG gestures, because I am an enthusiastic fan of this app.
I use left edge swipe & hold gesture to trigger Auto-rotate toggle - see that Auto-rotate screen Icon in Status bar.
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