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Feature request: Flip lock position

Rising Star I
Bring locking position option to flip camera settings.
I really want use my old Zenfone 6 on stationary as video camera (talking head vlogging) and also use it with all kind of helping devices, like lights and mics.
Problem is that zenfone wants flip that camera back to back and same time there go millions of wires all over it's backcover (studio)...
Just allow us users keep it always on front mode, even when the phone is shutting down and rebooted.
The feature may also have more options, like users can left the position how they wanted and lock it to that position. It is very frustrating when you need to use very odd angle but soon as you go out of the cam app, it just flip back and forget that important position.

This feature can be added on every flip cam phones.

Community Legend III
@survivor303 For feature requests and ideas, please refer to our 'Ideas for Next' section:

Rising Star I
Sure, can mods move my past request to there?